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The island Lifestyle

It’s no secret that many expatriates choose to life in Mauritius for the Mauritian lifestyle. 

Mauritius topped the World Happiness Report as the highest-ranking African nation in 2019. It offers a lifestyle that merges comfort with luxury, work with leisure, innovation with cultural traditions. A society of different cultures living side by side in peace.


Doing business on an island

Mauritius remains 1st in Africa in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report, and 13th out of 190 countries worldwide. 

Consistently adapting and transforming its business environment, to keep up with the fast changing global landscape, Mauritius has consolidated its leadership position in Africa.

Regarding the job market, sectors with high growth potential are technology and innovation, financial services, information and communication, and real estate.

The healthcare in Mauritius

Medical and emergency services are available across the island. It offers a public healthcare system and private health institutions with competent medical facilities and treatments.

Mauritius has five regional hospitals and two district hospitals, with several specialised hospitals throughout the island. 

Most private clinics and practices are new and boasts with state-of-the-art equipment. 

Over the last years Mauritius has witnessed a sustained growth in medical tourism. Positioning itself as a hub for medical tourism.

Schools on the Island

There is no shortage of international schools in Mauritius. The majority of expatriate children attend these schools, which offer some of the top internationally recognised education programmes, in both English and French.

Schools are divided into three main stages: primary-, secondary- and tertiary education, with most of the schools located in the North, West and Center of the island.

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