Cost of living in Mauritius

As with anywhere in the world, the cost of living in Mauritius greatly depends on individual lifestyle and preferences, daily needs and habits, and the number of people in your family. Here is a general overview of living costs in Mauritius.


Rental accommodation are relatively high, a 3-bedroom apartment or house can be anything from MUR 20 000 – MUR 145 000, with beachfront properties going up to MUR 220 000.


Transportation costs can also take a big chunk of your monthly budget. For example, renting an older model Honda Fit on long term contract can set you back MUR 15 000+ monthly. However, the country has a good network of busses and official taxi’s, which are much more affordable. For a journey from Grand Baie to Port Louis on the express bus with aircon will cost about MUR 75. It is advisable to negotiate the taxi price beforehand as to not get surprised by the cost.

Cost of Food

This category is highly dependable on each family’s tastes and preferences. Sadly for South Africans, there is no Woolworths Food in Mauritius, but you will find many South African products on the shelves. There is a great choice of supermarkets available across the island such as Super U, Intermart, Winners, Jumbo and Kingsavers. Shopping fresh produce at the local markets or street vendors can be much cheaper than at the supermarket. Familiar to South Africans, are the Food Lover’s Market with shops at Bagatelle, Grand Baie La Croisette and Black River.

Some indicative prices:

One local baguette: Rs 15
One dozen eggs: RS 78
Kerrygold butter 200g: Rs 87
Coca Cola 2L: Rs 63
Heineken 330ml: Rs 59
Local beer 330ml: Rs 40
A meal in a cheap restaurant: Rs 245 per person
Meal for 2 people, mid-range restaurant three courses: Rs1 500

Other daily bills

For a 3-bedroom house, the monthly electricity bill can be between MUR 2 500 – MUR 5 000, depending on aircon usage. Water account amounts to about MUR 300 per month.

For telephone and internet usage you can choose between Emtel, MyT and Chili. Unlimited 20Mbps will cost MUR 1 249 per month on an Emtel wifi Airbox.

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Schooling Costs

While education is free in Mauritius, the government schools are generally not suitable for expatriates due to the language difference. Parents prefer the international private schools located in the North, in the center and in the West of the island.

Some examples of school fees:

Northfields International School: MUR 14 000 per student per month + inception fees MUR 55 000 + deposit (refundable) MUR 70 000

West Coast International School: MUR 19 800 per student per month + deposit (refundable) MUR 59 400 + Enrolment fees MUR 65 000.


Many local brands, as well as international brand clothes are available in shopping centres all around the island. Woolworths clothes and Mango shops will be familiar to South African expatriates. While prices in shopping centres are higher, local markets have plenty of stalls offering good quality clothes at very low prices.