Island Communications

Data and Telephone connections in Mauritius - Island Communications

Island Communications. The island have a few Small systems but delivering good service for Telephone coverage. LTE and fibre broadband services are available at most places on the island and the coverage is also very reliable and good quality. Especially for Google and Waze when driving. You surely need that on the small island with the winding roads..

The government is involved in creating a national Wi-Fi network that offers Free Wi-Fi  at certain areas. eg. International Airport, few Private Beaches, etc. It is in partial privatization of some of the biggest telecommunications companies and is open to competition. There are three mobile network operators. Mauritius is a hub with submarine cables that allows international connectivity this enables Mauritius to be successful in pursuing a policy to create telecommunications as pillar of strength for the economic growth and have a fully digital-based Infra-structure by (2020)

Free Wi-Fi at many Hot Spots on the Island

The Mauritius Government has allowed various Hot-Spots to be created on the Island. This service is Free of charge to the users.

There are approximately 32 Hot Spots with Free Wi-Fi is available.

A few connection spots for Island Communications :

  • Bagatelle – Mall of Mauritius
  • Bagatelle – Flying dodo
  • Bagatelle – Perfect Burger (Near Engen)
  • Curepipe – Municipality
  • Curepipe – Clinic Loret
  • Ebene – Cyber Tower 1
  • Ebene – Backstage lounge
  • Grand Baie – Super U Food Court
  • Grand Baie – La Croisette
  • Grand Baie – Mac Donald
  • La Tour Koenig – University of Technology
  • Phoenix – Mac Donald
  • Phoenix – FRCI
  • Port Louis – Caudan Waterfront – Barkly Wharf
  • Port Louis – Municipality
  • Port Louis – Mac Donald
  • Port Louis – Steers
  • Plaisance – International Airport of Mauritius
  • Quatre Bornes – Municipality
  • Rose Hill – Municipality
  • Reduit – The University of Mauritius
  • Rivière Noire – Ruisseau Créole
  • Trianon Shopping Park – Food Court
  • Triolet – Village Council
  • Vacoas – Municipality
  • Riche Terre Mall
  • Mont Choisy Shopping Mall
  • Mac Donald Riche Terre
  • Pailles – Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre
  • Cascavelle Shopping Mall
  • Trianon – MCB Headquarters
  • Jumbo Phoenix Food Court

Fibre Optic Connection

The Island Communications covers most of the island’s Major centres, cities and Business areas have access to the Internet via Fibre Optic Connections. Voice over IP is common and the quality of the connections are very good.

The costs of Data is affordable compared to South Africa and communication is reliable and good. The quality of WhatsApp Calls and Videos are excellent and generally you do not get cut-off that often.

Emtel and My-T are the 2 Biggest providers.

Buying a pre-paid Sim card from any Shop to use Emtel is easy and cheap. You can also access the card from anywhere in the world. Once registered you can recharge anytime and enable Roaming. Works very well. :)

5Gb Data per month is approximately Rs300.00 but there are various options.

Connection Information and the Dial Code

The International: country code is – 230.

There are landing points for the SAFE, MARS, IOX Cable System. The METISS and LION submarine cable system links to Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean Islands of Reunion, Madagascar, and Mauritius.

The satellite earth station is 1 Intelsat (Indian Ocean) with a new microwave link to Reunion. The HF radiotelephone also link to several other countries (2019)

With the COVID-19 outbreak has had a negative impact on production and deployment of telecommunications with the supply chains globally. As consumers reduced spending money on communication devices the services has slowed down because of the Bad influence of the pandemic. It effected economies Globally. This resulted in the slow down of the improvements and progress of the telecom industry deployment. The deployment for mobile, fixed-line, broadband, submarine cable and satellite – has slowed down.

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TV and Broadcasting

The National broadcasting TV is controlled by the Government with (MBC) Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation.

They have been operating the digital TV stations since June 2015, MBC is a shareholder in a local company that manages 2 pay-TV stations. The State is the largest radio broadcast network with multiple stations.

There were entries from a few private radio broadcasters in the market since 2001.

Receiving from at least 2 international broadcasters are also available since 2019.

The Fibre connections are good and Streaming of Radio stations and TV is very easy. For example: Netflix, DSTV, Youtube, etc.

You can listen to your favourite channels all day long.